Allergens in Non-Food Items

When you think about Food Allergies you obviously think about allergens in food. However, there could be allergens in non-food items, in products that you use on a daily basis.

As soon as Penny was diagnosed with food allergies, I remember going through all of our food and getting rid of anything containing the allergens she would react to, but I forgot to check the non-food items. Then, one day, I kept asking myself why her eczema wouldn’t go away. I started to notice that the eczema would get worse after bath-time. It occurred to me to check the body wash she was using. There it was! One of the ingredients was macadamia nut oil. Needless to say, I discarded that body wash and her eczema started to improve. From that day on, I read the labels, not only of food products, but also of everything that I buy.


After doing some research online I found information on non-food items that can contain allergens, these include: soap/body wash, shampoo & conditioner, cosmetics, lotions, sunscreen, ointments, household cleaning products, play dough, bird feeders, pet food, medication and so on.


I’m sure that this list could go on, so always remember to read the labels of the items that a person with food allergy will be in contact with. I know that with my daughter, all it takes is skin contact with the allergen for a reaction to happen.

Be Safe!


For more information about allergens in non-food items, visit:


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