Ugh… Cross-Contact

A few months ago I had to go to the supermarket and took Paulo with me. Penny stayed with Juan at home. Close to the cash register, Paulo saw a small fridge where they keep refreshments and asked me to buy him a small bottle of (cow’s) milk. He barely asks for stuff that we don’t keep at home because of allergies, but the look he gave me convinced me.

We paid and went home. I cooked and Paulo had the milk with his dinner. At one point, he was distracted and accidentally spilled the milk. Cautiously, I wiped the table, we washed our hands and we went back to eating. Moments later, Penny was breaking out in hives. What had happened? Either I didn’t wipe down the table correctly and contact with milk gave her an allergic reaction or maybe either one of us didn’t wash our hands correctly. I gave Penny her medication, and the reaction went away.
I should have known better… Needless to say, I am not bringing home any more allergens!


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