Challenge Accepted

A few months ago Penny had an appointment scheduled for a cheese challenge. After having experienced a mild contact-reaction to cheese in her school, I decided that the Cheese Challenge was off the table (for now!). However, Penny’s allergist wanted to see her to follow-up on that reaction. At that appointment, Penny had a penicillin challenge instead.

When she was only one year old, Penny had to take penicillin for a bacterial infection. Twelve hours after the first dose, her little fingers and toes started swelling. That swelling later spread to the arms and legs. She was immediately taken off the penicillin and treated for the allergic reaction. Since then, different kinds of antibiotics have had to take care of her recurrent ear infections.

That day, 3.5 years after, her doctor decided that it was time to see if she had already outgrown the penicillin allergy. First, the nurse administered a small amount of the penicillin in her skin with a needle. If her skin turned red, itchy or raised bump, that would mean that she was still allergic to penicillin. Penny passed! Then, the doctor gave her a dose of penicillin to confirm that in fact, the skin reaction was really negative. Again, Penny passed with flying colors!

This is an exciting new step in our lives. Fewer allergies, less worry, more happiness.

What’s next? An almond challenge! Stay tuned, I will keep you posted.